Two Things to Do As You Grow Your List and Keep It Responsive

You know that the money is in the list and yes that is true but it is only a part of the story. The truth is that the money is found in building relationship with the people on your list.

Trying to get lots of unqualified people onto your list in the hopes that they will mysteriously turn into buyers is incredibly naïve and will lead to a whole lot of frustration as you have probably realized.

What can you do instead? Build a relationship with the people on your mailing list.

Here are a few ideas to help you do that.

1. Take the time to research the people you want to attract into your world

This is tough to do when you just begin but realise that you probably know a lot more than you realize about your chosen ideal customers. The chances are that they are pretty similar to you so start by taking a look at the kind of people you like to spend time with normally and extrapolate a few common factors from that.

Also, strategically spend time on Amazon and go to your industry section – Find the books others have written. Read the reviews being delivered to the site and see what your people write that they would have liked to learn in the book and also what they liked about the book. Pay attention to their language and immerse yourself in thinking like someone who seems to embody your ideal client.

Spend time in forums doing exactly the same thing – Learning more about your ideal customer. Hear the questions they ask and see what they consider to be the problem they want solved in their own words. It may be very different from what you expected.

2. Write To One Person

When you start to put an email together, have one person in mind. Write only to that person. This will make your emails so much more engaging and intimate and you will start to get responses from people on your mailing list who feel you have read their mind. Be someone who chooses to read their mind.

Because you have taken the time to immerse yourself in their lives, you will begin to sound a little more like them and you will use the words they are already thinking of in their heads. This makes them feel understood and they are then more likely to respond and do what you ask them to do.

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