Video Players – Video Preview Is Coming!

Many are looking for a way to deliver the best video experience and often it’s difficult to find. The reason? Video is heavy. In fact, the higher the quality, the heavier it is. Video hosting companies provide tools to optimize video but still after 5 years working on it there still is a need to click, go to a new page (most of the time), and either click again, or wait for it to buffer.

What is the future of video players? They must be more nimble – allowing users to chose their experience including size of player, turn off and on with maybe a mouse roll-over rather than a click, and most certainly they want it immediately in front of them without having to go anywhere. And, please cancel the “wait” time.

Is this possible considering the conflict between size and quality? Yes it is when preview of video is introduced. Most video viewers start and stop videos and move to the next because they have searched for a specific video and to find the right one takes some viewing of it. The future of video players is turning the video content itself into a smaller form factor to provide a PREVIEW experience. This shortened and smaller form factor now removes the barrier of weight and quality because this reduced size is no longer “heavy.”

Users want video content faster too. They don’t want to wait for buffering. They don’t want to have to click. So, video players of the future will remove play buttons and make a roll-over trigger play and mousing out will turn it off. This saves users 2 clicks which in the world of the Internet is the Holy Grail.

Finally, the saying that “less is more” applies to video content until the user wants to “settle-in” with a piece of content to absorb it and then the full video player experience can be had. So, these small previews are the perfect pathway to the full version, with now, that click.

What type of content will live in these mini video players with roll-over play-in-place viewing? All content – from news to sports, entertainment, how to, and advertising, etc. This is because all content should be offered in bites before expecting someone to consume it all. Then truly, video in the larger format will be more committed to because indeed preview is the hook for deeper engagement.

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