Viva Los Lambos – How To Get to the Affiliate Cheese

Lambos and Las Vegas

You’ve seen the photographs and watched the videos (well, about as much of them as you could stomach). What is it with affiliate marketers and helicopters, Lamborghinis and Las Vegas? I know it’s cheesy even talking about Lambos and Las Vegas but some marketers love to flash the cash and float their boats (forget the oars, we’re talking super yachts here!).

Take Three Steps

The fact of the matter is you actually can make a ton of money as an affiliate if you know exactly what you’re doing. And fortunately I do. Over the years I’ve tried various different approaches to making commissions online and I’ve now narrowed it down to just three steps.

  1. You need find the top products to promote which are making affiliates money right now
  2. You need to build an affiliate page to promote those top products with. And the final step…
  3. Send lots of traffic to your affiliate page.

The Hard Road to Affiliate Riches

This is guaranteed to make you rich. The problem is it can be a real pain doing all the research to find the top profitable products which are making affiliates money today. And building affiliate pages is not a walk in the park either. Building pages can take you hours of labor intensive work. And traffic. Everyone knows that it can be hard to get targeted traffic.

What Does a Newbie Do?

If you are a newbie, in order to stand a chance in affiliate marketing you have a few options:

You can buy software which removes much of the donkey work by way of automation. But a lot of software tends to be expensive and can often just end up clogging up the arteries of your hard drive.

You can outsource the work but this can be costly too, and you need to be able to trust your outsourcers.

The third step is one that I have already mentioned. Do the work yourself. If you are just starting out in the world of affiliate marketing, and you are short on cash, this is the option I recommend. You will learn the ropes (sooner rather than later); you will see what strategies are working for you and you can keep on tweaking until you start to smell that affiliate cheese.

Believe and Achieve

Yes this involves hard work, but it will be worth it when the hardest choice you have to make down the line will be between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari or between Las Vegas and Atlantic City. If you believe you can achieve. If you act you can make it fact.


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