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Weight Loss Problems of Women


Women generally feel that weight loss is harder for them than men. This is probably due to many reasons. One of the reasons is due to women's body shape – the muscle and body fat distribution. Weight loss is a huge problem for women these days. Many consider the thin frames of celebrities as the ideal body shape- this is totally unreal. A Women's body stores the lower body fats plus it tries to maintain that fat all the time. I know that this piece of news is not encouraging for those women who are trying to lose weight!

Consuming contraceptive pills also contribute to storing more water and fat which in turn makes losing weight more difficult for women. Also, the lower body fat as compared to the fats of upper body is very difficult to lose. Dieting also does not help women in losing weight and maintaining it for longer duration.

So what do you think might be the answer? It is pretty obvious – increase your body metabolism. The calorie amount the body burns every day by constant exercising is the answer. When you exercise it helps to burn the fat and also build the lean muscle tissues. The amount of calories you burn every day will depend on the number of muscles you build. So, the things that you need to remember here is to exercise, increase metabolism, build muscle tissues, burn calories, and adopt a healthy diet. You also have to be realistic in terms of your weight loss goals here – shut the unrealistic stereotypical images out of your mind and accept the ideal body weight shape. To be slim does not mean you pay the price by maintaining a diet all your life. It is about eating healthy and exercising, and most importantly feeling good.

Source by Hans Chia


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