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Who Else Wants to Learn How to Build Lean Muscle?


As you start bodybuilding and begin to add size remember your goal must be to build lean muscle mass. It is one thing to want to get big and strong, it is another to get big just for the sake of being big. If you are adding weight and it is mostly fat than you are really defeating the purpose of bodybuilding. If you look in the mirror and don’t see any significant muscular definition then you are training wrong. Muscle confusion,nutrition, strength training and cardio will all play an important role in helping you to build lean muscle mass and you must start to bring these into your training.

Four things you must include when we are talking about building lean muscle.

Muscle Confusion

One theory on building lean muscle mass is too start using heavier weights combined with less rest in between sets. 30 seconds rest in between each set is enough time to allow your heat rate and lactic acid build up to decrease. This rest cycling is a great way to keep you muscles guessing and forcing them to adapt and grow. By confusing your muscles you don’t give them an opportunity to fully adapt and is also a great way to burn calories which will lead to a more ripped muscular physique.

Strength Training

There are a lot of reasons why people lift weights; strength, size and a leaner muscular appearance. When you weight train properly you will want to tailor your workouts to include a fat burning routine combined with a super charged strength building program. When weight training to build lean muscle mass you must workout the larger muscle groups. Increasing your core strength is the goal of strength training and building lean muscle mass. It is essential to work out the Legs, Back and Chest muscles by using compound exercises that target a large area and not just an individual muscle group.

Strength training using compound exercises will bring about an anabolic response and allow you to continue to burn calories and build muscle long after the workout is done. It really is all about gaining strength and using a great strength training routine to take you to the next level.

Cardio Training

When building lean muscle mass you must include cardio training: stationary bike, walking and using the treadmill will help you attain your goals. Cardio can be boring and at times seem a waste of time but if you are going to have the stamina and endurance to complete your workouts it must be included. It would be hard to see all that new lean muscle mass if it were hidden behind a layer of fat. Cardio training will help you lose that layer of fat just below the skin and make your muscles pop out. Begin your cardio training today!

Nutrition And Protein

To build lean muscle mass you must eat the right foods and get the correct amount of protein if you are to reach your goals. When we talk about bodybuilding nutrition we must talk about protein and consuming the right amount every day. To accurately calculate the amount of protein you need take one gram of protein for each pound of lean muscle mass. Beginning weight lifters can use the older method of calculating protein intake by using one gram of protein per one pound of total body weight. Once you become more experienced then you will want to tweak your intake by consuming protein based on your lean muscle mass.

Muscle confusion, strength training, cardio and nutrition must always be included if you really want to build lean muscle mass. These are all components which will pave your way to muscular success.

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