Why Alec Baldwin Is Hesitant About Another Baby: 'When My Kids Graduate School, I'll Be 85'


Leading man Alec Baldwin plays a supporting role at home.

“My wife is the star. My kids, they love me, they think I’m great, and as soon as my wife walks in, they’re like, ‘Okay, bye’ and they’re gone,” Baldwin told PEOPLE exclusively on March 4 during the N.Y.C. premiere of Drunk Parents at the Roxy Hotel’s Roxy Cinema.

How does that family dynamic make the Match Game host feel? As the 60-year-old joked of wife Hilaria, “I feel terrible, I feel sad. It’s lonely as soon as my wife walks in.”

Baldwin and his 35-year-old spouse share four children: daughter Carmen Gabriela, 5½, plus sons Romeo Alejandro David, 10 months, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 2½, and Rafael Thomas, 3½. The actor is also dad to 23-year-old daughter Ireland from his previous marriage to Kim Basinger.

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The Saturday Night Live star also opened up about the demands placed upon the favorite parent.

“My wife is the casualty there because no matter how much help we have — and we both have to go to work, so we have some help — they only want their mother. What I always say is I’m doing really well with the kids until my wife comes home and then I’m invisible.”

Discussing the prospects of having a fifth child with Hilaria in hopes of giving a little sister to Carmen, the actor revealed about his wife, “Oh yeah, she’s up for the challenge. I’m the one who’s not up for the challenge.”

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So what is the actor’s hesitation? “When my kids graduate school, I’ll be 85,” Baldwin continued.

“As my friends say, when your kids are climbing out the window and they’re going to do really, really bad things when they get older, when they’re in their late teen years, you’ll be deaf anyway so you won’t have to hear it,” he joked. “Let’s see what happens.”

Drunk Parents will be available Thursday exclusively on DIRECTV, and in theaters and On Demand April 19 via Vertical Entertainment.

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