Why Gold Is Better Than Silver

Silver and gold are metals commonly used in making wedding rings. They are also popular with engagement rings. The choice between two metals solely depends on your individual preferences considering that gold is yellow and silver is white. You might have your own likes when it comes to the color, hence make a choice based on that. You however, should remember that white gold also does exist. It is made up of alloys, gold and rodhium coating that gives it its white appearance. However, when settling for wedding rings, it is best that you choose yellow gold that won’t frustrate you because of fading colors after a period of time. So, why are gold wedding rings better that silver wedding rings?

1. Gold is more comfortable. Silver tends to be more dense that gold and therefore ends up being heavier than gold. The lighter nature of gold makes it a very comfortable choice, especially with wedding rings since they are everyday items. You can wear your gold ring all day long without feeling a need to remove it. Enhance the comfort of your ring by ensuring that you get the right size and fit for your fingers.

2. Gold is beautiful. The yellow traditional look of gold makes it appear more elegant than silver. This is a color it does not share with any other metal unlike silver. Anyone would recognize gold any given day because of its unique color. Its color has a classic and timeless look to it and will always make your wedding band stand out.

3. Gold is more affordable. It might seem impossible, but the higher density of silver makes silver rings more expensive compared to gold. This is because more silver will be required to make the rings compared to the amount of gold that is good enough to make a presentable band. There are however very expensive rings depending on the carat values, but you can find affordable stunning gold rings.

4. Gold does not scratch easily. It is one of the properties that make gold better than silver. Silver will scratch easily, meaning it loses its flawless beauty fast and will of course require maintenance services such as polishing and shining. Gold on the other hand is more resistant to scratches and will therefore maintain its good look for longer with very minimal maintenance needs. You don’t have to worry about keeping your wedding ring looking good when it is made of gold.

5. Gold is more popular. Compared to silver, most people will settle for gold any time. The scarcity of gold makes it more precious than silver and hence wedding rings or gold engagement rings tend to impress more than silver. You can be as unique as possible with the designing of your gold ring or simply keep it simple and traditional and still enjoy superiority.

When choosing wedding rings, it is best you choose a metal you are sure to enjoy in every way. Gold is one of the best metals you can select for the bands.


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