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Will Diet Alone Lower Blood Pressure


There are lists of foods people with high blood pressure should avoid. There are lists they should eat. These lists don’t always agree with each other. They also don’t present the entire solution to this medical condition.

Importance of Diet: That doesn’t mean we should eat whatever we want. There are things in our diets that can raise blood pressure and lower it. Sodium causes it to go up and garlic can help bring it down.

Exercise: Wherever you see the word “diet” the word “exercise” is likely to be close by. Getting our body into shape takes both and both lead to lower numbers. Thirty minutes a day several days a week can help make a big difference.

Stress Management: Perfectly fit people who are conscious of their diet can still have high blood pressure. This may be due to high levels of stress. A hormone called cortisol is released into the blood stream and problems begin.

Education: This is the best place to start in the battle against hypertension. While reading books and articles on this topic are good the best person to talk to about it is your doctor. The doctor can help you figure out which exercises are safe for you and the doctor can refer you to a nutritionist to help with the diet.

If you choose to do a new form of exercise it would be wise to speak to someone who is trained in that form. Even jogging can cause injuries if it is done improperly or without the proper shoes, etc.

No, most of us cannot lower our blood pressure with food alone. It takes a several pronged attack and may require professional help.

Source by Mary Bodel


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