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Women: What You Need to Know About Weight Training


Over the years weight training for women has not only received a bad rap but it has been overlooked for its numerous benefits for the body and over-all health. Unfortunately, many women are deterred from weight training due to many misconceptions. One of the biggest misconceptions is that women think that they will develop a masculine appearance.

Our media definitely does not help with this misconception with the massive and muscular bound professional female bodybuilders that sometimes grace the covers of our Muscle Magazines. Please keep in mind, many of these women receive their massive masculine physique through extensive training and the use of anabolic steroids and other drugs. Women simply do not produce the testosterone needed to form the massive and muscular physique you see on professional female bodybuilders.

Another misconception is that women think muscle will turn into fat once they stop training. As with any fitness activities you stop doing, once you stop, you stand the chance of gaining fat over a period of time. In the case of weight training and stopping, it may look like fat is replacing muscle; but the fact of the matter is that you are gaining fat and losing muscle because you have stopped training. Keep in mind that muscle and fat are two different tissues and they don’t replace each other. The same goes for the misconception that weight training turns fat into muscle.

Don’t let these misconceptions, or any others, stop you from missing out on one of the biggest health benefits for women… weight training. There are numerous benefits to weight training, they include, but are not limited to, the following.

– Improves your physique and physical well-being: It helps to give your physique a stronger, fitter and toner appearance. It increases strength, balance and coordination.

– Increase Metabolic Rate/Fat Loss: Weight training increases your metabolic rate; therefore helping you to burn more calories. More calories burn equal fat loss. Note: With every pound of muscle mass you gain, your burn 35-50 more calories a day.

– Improves Mental Health & Mood: It not only improves your physical health but it helps to improve your mental health. Weight training helps to stimulate the mind and give you a positive outlook on your overall well-being. It helps to provide you with an alternative to releasing stress in a positive manner. It helps to improve self-esteem and confidence. It also gives you the energy needed to tackle the day.

– Increase Bone Destiny: It helps to increase bone destiny and slow down bone loss.

– Prevent and Reduce the Risk of Various Diseases: Weight training can help prevent and/or reduce the risk of various diseases, like heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

Weight training is the key to a well-rounded fitness program for women at any age. It’s never to late to get started. So, what’s holding you back from building a stronger healthier YOU?

Source by Denese Y Major


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