Your Trampoline Accessory Is Damaged – What Do You Do?

You don’t have to do much research into popular exercise equipment and sports machines before you run across people who recommend getting a trampoline. Doctors and physical fitness experts have agreed for years that the unique rebounding motion of the trampoline is an ideal way to burn calories while at the same time increasing your core muscle strength. The other thing you’re likely to notice is that several consumer watch organizations have found that while the use of trampolines is up (there are over three million recreational trampolines in the U.S. alone) the corresponding statistics for trampoline related injuries is also up.

To ensure that trampolines are used safely, and there is a minimal risk of injury while adults and children are playing on the structures, it’s important to install the correct trampoline accessories. Many of the most popular trampoline manufacturers and retailers are now selling kits that include trampoline pads, enclosures, and anchor kits so that people won’t have to be tempted to jump on the trampoline before they have all the proper trampoline accessories installed. It’s important to use this as a comparison factor when you’re shopping for trampolines, because it’s often worth it to purchase accessories that are specially made for your kit.

Once you’ve got everything properly installed, it’s time to bounce the day away, but your responsibilities as far as trampoline maintenance and repair are just beginning. It’s important to make sure that you complete a daily inspection of your entire trampoline structure, from the mat to the springs, before you start jumping for the day. If you’ve got trampoline accessories installed, you have to make sure you inspect those as well, because if they’ve become compromised, it’s just as if you’ve removed them from the structure altogether.

Because the trampoline accessories are so important to the safe use of the structure, you have to have a plan in place in case you discover that a trampoline part is damaged. There are a few options if you find yourself in your situation. First, you can keep everyone off of the structure until you can get a replacement part from the manufacturer. Second, you can try to find a replacement part from a local retailer, but you run the risk of getting a generic part that doesn’t fit well with your brand of trampoline. Third, you can call up a trampoline repair service that will send a repairman out to your house, or allow you to ship the part into them and wait for a repair.

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